This is a outsourcing course which includes baby step by baby step lessons in which you will learn exactly how to outsource your business to a virtual assistant.

The class is most suited for total beginners who are new to outsourcing your work to a virtual assistant.  

Because I am fully aware that one of the biggest problems that beginners encounter when they try to make money online is "Information Overload" I have kept each video only a few minutes long, so you will not be overwhelmed by information. 

In this outsource training you will discover exactly how to: 

  1. How To Find Full Time Workers.  

  2. How To Find Freelancers.  

  3. How To Go Through Resumes.  

  4. How To Communicate With Your Workers.  

*** Notice ***

In order to complete the course you will need to have money to invest in outsourcing a virtual assistant. 

In the training, I will show you how to hire people from a freelancer website.

How much money you will need to invest in hiring workers from there will depend on who you hire.

If you prefer not to outsource from the freelancer website, I will also show you a membership site in which you can find great employees. 

Again, how much you pay for hiring the employees will depends on who you hire, but I can tell you that the cost of membership to this membership site will be $99 per month.