This is a digital marketing course which includes 22 baby step by baby step videos  in which you will learn exactly how to gain joint venture partners to drive high quality traffic to your  product in order to make online sales. 

The digital marketing course is most suited for total beginners who are  new to gaining joint venture partners  

Your class project will be to gain a big joint venture partner who will promote your product  

Because I am fully aware that one of the biggest problems that  beginners encounter when they try to make money online is "Information  Overload" I have kept each video only a few minutes long, so you will  not be overwhelmed by information. 

In this digital marketing course you will discover:

1. The number one reason why so many people FAIL to gain JV partners.

2. Why you should NOT contact every successful guru in your niche for a JV.

3. What are the TOP places that I go to find JV partners.

4. Why joint venture traffic is the BEST kind of traffic there is.

5. How to create an AMAZING relationship with the gurus in your niche.

6. The WRONG way to contact a guru for the first time.

7.The 4 RIGHT ways to contact a guru for the first time.

8. How to literally FORCE the big gurus in your niche to contact you.

9. My 'COPY & PASTE' emails that you can send to your potential JV partners.

10. Real life case studies of successful JV partnerships that I have created in the past, and that you can learn from to create your own successful JV partnerships TODAY.