This is a web development course which includes baby step by baby step lessons in which you will learn exactly how to create website from scratch, and sell it for profit on auction.

The class is most suited for total beginners who are new to web development and selling websites on auction (website flipping).  

Your class project will be to create a a website, put it on auction, and sell it for profit  

Because I am fully aware that one of the biggest problems that beginners encounter when they try to make money online is "Information Overload" I have kept each video only a few minutes long, so you will not be overwhelmed by information.  

In this web development training you will discover exactly how to:  

1. Locate a hot niche
2. Obtain content and graphics for your website.     
3. Create your website     
4. Build a mailing list     
5. List your website on auction.     
6. Manage your auction.     
7. Transfer Your Website To Your Buyer     
8. Support your buyers