How to Build a Flash-based Website

  1. The basic requirements  

  •  1a. Get to know the Adobe Flash (the CS5.5 Interface and Tools)

  •  1b. Drawing in Flash (Layers,Shapes,Symbols)

  •  1c. Entering Text (the text tool)

  •  1d. Animation in Flash (Frames,Tweening)

  •  1e. Actionscript

  •  1f. Basic Interactions

  2. Building the Flash website  

  •  2a. Storyboarding

  •  2b. Layouting

  •  2c. Importing images to Flash

  •  2d. Adding buttons and interactivity

  •  2e. Adding your content to your Flash site

  •  2f. Adding Links to other pages and websites

  3. Publishing with HTML.  

  •  3a. Publishing with HTML (basically the easy part)